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I don’t believe in…..Fuck You!!!

One of the most hated phrases that I hear people say is I don’t believe in…. 

believe in,  to be persuaded of the  truth or existence of

Pretty much straight forward.  I hear people say I don’t believe in abortion , I don’t believe in vaccinations, or I don’t believe in war, I can prove to you they exist and that they have a true outcome.  Most of these people also say they believe in god, something that you cannot prove to me exists, but cannot “believe in” something that EXISTS?  I believe that what these people want to say is; “I do not SUPPORT….” or “I do not ENDORSE….”.  English is an easy language to use if you are not an idiot, use the language correctly and people will actually listen to what you have to say.

  1. littlerunnergurl said: Yes… yes… we in fact are somehow related… this post proves it. My asshole bro once told me “I don’t believe in cell phones” to which I immediately whipped mine out and said, “Look lil fella, it really exists!!”
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